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About the project

Our commercial libraries for Java and .NET developers — JxBrowser and DotNetBrowser — allow you to use the full power of the Chromium engine in cross-platform desktop and server applications. We help bring the “web” to desktop applications.

The cross-platform core of these libraries is written in C++. The core is tightly integrated with the Chromium engine and provides its API through which Java and .NET libraries can “communicate” with Chromium. Libraries communicate with the core via IPC, based on Protobuf for serialization/deserialization and Shared Memory/Sockets for transferring data between processes.

Our libraries are used in commercial and internal projects by over a thousand companies with a high demand for the quality and stability of integrated solutions.

Hundreds of open-source projects, from the ones supported by large companies to individual small projects, use our products.

What you will do on this project

  • Participate in the development of a cross-platform core (C++).
  • Get to know how the various features and internal tools of Chromium work.
  • Extend the core API and provide access to new Chromium features.
  • Ensure compatibility with the latest versions of Chromium.
  • Constantly improve your skills in designing, implementing, debugging, and documenting solutions.

Knowledge and skills required

  • 3+ years of experience in C++ development.
  • Good understanding of TDD, OOP, and API design principles.
  • Strong knowledge of Git or other DVCS.
  • Responsibility, discipline, and ability to solve non-trivial tasks.

Would be a plus

  • Experience with Python, Java, .NET, Objective-C.
  • Experience in creating your own product or C++ library.

We offer you

  • To become a part of a product team where results are №1 priority.
  • Processes with best engineering practices focused on quality.
  • Possibility to participate in a bonus program based on product sales results.

Work environment

We provide a comfortable environment for employees’ work, development, and training. Past years taught us to work remotely and be a team 1000 kilometers apart. Now, we use it to the fullest, building our distributed work process.

  • Flexible schedule.

  • Long-term employment.

  • Business trips to the USA and Europe.

  • Assistance in professional growth through educational programs and conferences.

  • Everything you need to set up a modern workstation/laptop.

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Response to the vacancy. You will receive a response to your resume, within one or two business days. We might clarify some details, schedule a video call or give a feedback.


The first meeting. Video call with a recruiter, where we get to know each other better.


Technical interview. Interview with members of your future team. Here you will have the opportunity to learn more about the project and its technical details. Within a few days after the interview, we exchange feedback.


Offer. We announce our offer during the video call. At this stage, you and us can once again discuss all the issues of interest in order to make a balanced decision about cooperation.

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